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DeltaCad is a simple CAD program for Windows and Mac. The application has a simple interface with on-screen instructions for the user. It can work with popular file types such as .dwg, .dxf, .dxb, etc. Macros can also be created - using visual basic.

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    Guest 2 years ago

    I too have used this deltacad for the 45 day trial and its all I will ever need as a small drafter. I am now going ahead and buying this program, solely because it was no fuss to download the trial version, unlike many of the others that offer a trial , were you can't print or save.(what are they afraid off) deltacad trusted me with this 45 day trial and having proved its worth I am buying it.

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    Jan Ferreira 3 years ago

    This is the best 2D Drawing package/program I've come across.

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    RAy Kornele 7 years ago

    I am using DeltaCAD 5.0. DeltaCAD is 2D, but, so is paper, and the Internet (3D computer files are a falacy). I find v5.0 to be easy to learn, and easy to use. I have even learned to do ISOmetric drawings. However, I use Misfit Modeler 3D to make perspectives to insert in DeltaCAD, as well.
    I give DeltaCAD 10 of 10. I have tried others, and always come back to DeltaCAD.


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.dc DeltaCad Drawing
.dwg DWG File (DWG)
.dxf Drawing Exchange Format (DXF)
.sym DeltaCad Symbol File
.dxb Drawing Exchange Binary File (DXB)
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